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Are you ready to enjoy affordable clean air? Then look no further – the AirCleaner Personal has arrived!

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The AirCleaner Personal is a powerful and affordable air purifier for everyone, based on a simple yet very efficient design. Designed by a German Engineer and a Thai Designer, the air purifier focuses in efficient filtering technology and moving big amounts of air as fast as possible. This approach ensures that our air purifier works just as well as other much more expensive models but. The applied design techniques also guarantees lower electricity consumption than comparable products.

The AirCleaner Personal works great in rooms of up to 30 m2. Have a bigger room? Just buy 2, because deploying 2 independent cleaning units will work better than having a single big unit. If you are asthmatic or have allergies to dust mites or pollen, we can guarantee that you will feel better as the AirCleaner Personal is capable of filtering all the air in a room at least 4 times per hour, when the speed is set to maximum.

Let’s put the advantages in a row:

  • Stops hazardous PM2.5 and PM10 from entering your lungs
  • Adsorbs dangerous VOCs from housework, gases and cigar smell
  • Reduces dust levels at home and controls allergies
  • Ideal for studios, bedrooms and small offices
  • Fan Speed Control: powerful or quiet, you choose
  • Low power consumption, cheaper electric bills
  • Filter can be easily replaced

And last but not least, the AirCleaner Personal is made in an ISO 9001-compliant factory, and has been validated and tested by the Environmental Science Research Centre at Chiang Mai University.



Weight 2.05 kg
Dimensions 41 × 20 × 20 cm

Blue, Purple


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