Our Shop is Open!

We are very excited to present this brand new shop to our visitors from Thailand! The ultimate aim is to enhance awareness of all the beautiful products that the crafty people in our city Chiang Mai are able to make, while keeping an eye on sustainability and the positive impact on local communities. This ensures that our buyers will receive a quality product that is made with passion, and without leaving a negative footprint on nature and people. 
>> Due to the severe limitations on shipping our products internationally caused by the Covid impact, we can only serve domestic clients within Thailand at the moment.  We’ll keep you updated once our unique products are available for our international visitors!

We have done our utmost to make your shopping experience on our site as smooth and intuitive as possible. If you face any issue, or have any suggestion on how we can improve further, then please let us know via [email protected]!

All our suppliers are carefully selected. We personally visit their factory or production site, talk to them about their merchandise, and see first-hand how they contribute to a better way of life in their local community.

The artsy shoes of Sam Siam

Autumn Collection

The days are getting shorter, and
a bit cooler: autumn is here! Have a look
at our selection of local products
that will make your transition from
summer to winter all that more enjoyable!

Arts & Crafts

See what Chiang Mai’s creative artists have in store for you.

Food & Drinks

From spicy marinated vegetables to organic herbal teas: have a taste of the North!


Did you ever own a pair of unique, hand-painted loafers? We thought so, check out our collection.

Home & Kitchen

In the mood for some new decoration in your home, or a handy kitchen utensil? Look no further!

Health & Beauty

Spa gift sets, body lotions, scrubs, shampoos, all made from natural ingredients.

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