Air freshener Oil Panda


Beautifully crafted ceramic panda with liquid holder and one bottle of airfreshener liquid.

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This cute little airfreshener panda will bring a breeze of fresh air in any space that needs it! The unique set comes with one ceramic white panda, a mint-green liquid container, and a bottle of “Inspiration”, the ultimate fresh scent. Just pour the liquid in the container, put our white friend on top (with his tail touching the liquid), and off you go to a new sensation of fresh air in your room. Suitable as decorative air freshener in any bedroom, living room, study, or even in your kitchen when you need to get rid of those pesky baking odors.

Airfreshener Oil Panda
Dimension Panda: height 11.5 cm
Width (bottom): 4.5 cm
Weight: 165 g

Airfreshener Liquid
Size: 50 ml/1,7 fl.oz
Weight: 135 g

Dimensions and weight in next tab are based on dimensions and weight of the whole Airfreshener Oil Panda & Liquid Set.



Weight 0.440 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 14 cm


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