DIY Tea Maker Starter Set with Electric Sealer, Tea Bags and Tea Leaves


Make your own teabags with this all-you-need DIY Tea Maker Starter Set! Comes with electric sealer, teabags and tea.

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Kanto Herbtech started 15 years ago with selling different kinds of tea in small local Chiang Mai Markets. Fast forward to 2021 and the small family business has evolved into a professional production facility of high-quality teas made from the finest herbs and flowers. Of course you can buy their ready-made teabags from us, but… what could be more satisfying than make your very own teabags?! This Do-it-yourself Tea Maker Starter Set has all you need to make professional grade teabags: an electric bag sealer, empty teabags, and a bag of organic herbal tea leaves.
Just weigh a small amount of leaves, put them in the teabag, and close the bag with the sealer.
Our tip: make 2 different batches of bags: 1 batch with 2 grams of tea/bag for the preparation of a single cup of tea, and 1 batch with 10 grams of tea/bag, each for a full pot of tea!

Our DIY Tea Maker Start Set contains:

  • 1x Copper Pulse Electric Sealer (300W)
  • 1x Pack with 500 bio-degradable Tea Bags
  • 1x 500g Bag with Tea Leaves (choice of Dried Roselle, Peppermint, or Butterfly Pea)

Dimensions in next tab are based on the dimensions of the sealer in open position.



Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 19 × 7 cm
Tea Flavor:

Butterfly Pea, Peppermint, Roselle


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