Sam Siam

Painting does not have to appear just on paper or canvas. And Sam Siam from Chiang Mai proves this by turning a pair of shoes into a unique and individual piece of art by hand painting. “Sam” means three in Thai, and “Siam” is known as the Kingdom of Thailand. Sam Siam refers to triplet sisters, all artists who share a passion for creating art in all its forms. In this case, they add hand-painted designs to canvas shoes using acrylic paint. Sam Siam uses high-quality canvas slip-on shoes. They are comfortable and long-lasting but have a wide surface on which to paint their designs. They are washable and can be worn all year round. As they are hand-painted, each piece will be unique. Designs range from Thai influenced patterns and culture, cartoon characters, pop culture icons, and more. Whichever design you choose, you will have your own piece of art. A perfect choice for yourself or as a gift.