Leaf Greener Me

The impact of humans on our planet is seen in many ways. Environmental destruction, plastic pollution, air quality, and general waste affect us all, and that is why Leaf was born. To decrease plastic use, Leaf offers eco-friendly products as sustainable alternatives for everyday use, such as toothbrushes, straws, tote bags, and other necessities.
Designed in-house in Chiang Mai, the innovative Leaf products receive special treatment from start to finish. Selected manufacturers had to comply with strict sustainability and social responsibility requirements, sharing the desire to create high-quality plastic alternatives. The design of each product considers quality and comfort of use as its starting point. Once finished, each item must meet the rigorous standards of Leaf and its founders Neua and Mona.
Quality and sustainability are at the core of Leaf’s beliefs. Every time you pick up or use a Leaf product, you can be sure they are sustainable, high quality, and trendy.