Set “Mae Sa” – 3 Handcrafted Precious Metal Bookmarks


Beautifully crafted bookmark set of 3 uniquely designed art pieces, made of copper, brass and silver.

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These handcrafted bookmarks help save your page of your favorite book and will certainly help to decorate your shelf! Made of precious metals copper and brass, with a hint of silver, these unique Chiang Mai designs embody unique details in the creation process. The smooth end fits easily between the pages, the round or other designed end fits on the outside spine. An excellent way to remember where you left off last time you picked up your book.
Enjoy this beautiful set of 3 animal and Thai symbol designs painted in shining acrylics. And because each individual bookmark comes in its own small box, it’s a truly special gift for creative bookworms.

Our Mae Sa Set consists of the following bookmarks:
• Bookmark black  cat round
• Bookmark elephant round trunk up
• Bookmark lotus flower in white and green

Dimensions and weight in next tab are based on the dimensions and weight of one bookmark.

Please allow for small differences in color, size and design, because each individual bookmark is 100% handmade by our local artist.


Fern Ornament

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 9 × 1.5 × 0.1 cm


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